love was furious..strangely stabbed with knife

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  • Srikanth who has followed Gayatri for some time

  • Refusing to listen to the harassment of the elders the presence of the elders

  • Srikanth who raises a tumor on it.. no body in people

  • Strangely stabbed with a knife


love was furious. The angry young man named Srikanth was angry with the ghastly murder of a girl named Gayatri. At no point in time, the house was stabbed with a knife . She fell in the bloodstream while crying with pain, even though she was trying to move her to a hospital. The incident happened on Saturday evening in Yadagiripalli in Yadagirigutta area of ??Yadadri district.

Yadagirigutta June 11(surya): Yadagiripalli's suadasana and Saiyas-Lakshmi's only daughter Gayatri (20). Sawai Yadavri is a small employee of the temple. Gayatri completed his last year degree in a private college in Bhuvanagiri .. Since then, she has been home. She is accompanied by the love of Srikanth, a young man of the same village. Gayatri made clear to Srikanth many times that he did not like him. Her parents also reprimanded Srikanth in the presence of the elders. Yet Srikanth has not changed ... Recently the village elders and the locals strongly reprimanded. On the other hand, Gayatri has recently had a marriage relationship. Arrangements are also made to handle the engagement soon.

But Gayatri did not love him and Srikanth decided to kill her. On Saturday afternoon, Gayatri's father left for duty and Mother Lakshmi went to the farm. As Gayatri observed that alone, Srikanth gently went into their house and stabbed the knife with a knife indiscriminately. She shouted loudly and shouted. The brother and the neighbours came and listened to him. Gayatri was in the bloodstream and moved to the Bhuvanagiri Area hospital. Police detained Yadgirigugota police and collected evidence. CIA Anjaneyan said that the case was registered and the case was registered.